My creativity was never limited to one media or subject.  I love to
work simultaneously on figurative, monumental, abstract and
miniature sculptures.”
      Niso. NBC New York Today

Niso, born in 1957, opened his first art studio under the direction
of the Haifa University Art Department while still in high school.  
In 1982, Niso opened his studio in West Palm Beach, Florida,
while continuing to direct and receive national attention for
operating one of the few bronze art foundries in the Eastern
United States.  In 1991, he began concentrating his efforts on
new works of marble, onyx, bronze, and steel.  It was also during
this period that Niso gained a reputation as a teacher of stone-
carving, inspiring his students with his creativity and sharp eye for
form and lines.  

Niso is widely sought after as a sculptor of monumental work and
his public commissions include The Fallen Soldier (Palm Beach
County commission for Chiles Veterans Park); The Embrace
(Hilton Hotel, Staten Island); Children on a Swing (Great Neck,
New York); and Geometric Series and Spirals (Sheraton Hotel,
Atlanta, Georgia).  His commissions for private art collectors run
the gamut from life-sized to miniature female torsos created out of
scrap metal to the abstract Geometric Series to his well known
figurative works, The Embrace, Celebration of Life, Children on a
Swing, The Rose, Joy of Life and the Family Series.

“I especially like to create monumental pieces for public
placement because the public can then interact with the
sculptures and it is my hope the sculptures will inspire the young
and the old, the traditionalist as well as the abstract art lover.”

Niso’s most eclectic sculptures - his signature torsos made from
nails, coins, and other media encompassing steel and metal -
have made Niso internationally renown as one of the leaders of
the new modern classic movement.  These sculptures embody
the elegance and beauty of the classical period with the
excitement and spirit of modern art.

Due to Niso’s exploration of the challenges of self-expression in
many contrasting media, today his sculptures stand out and
demand notice for their simplicity, elegance, and consummate

Whether on display in galleries, in public places, or as cherished
works of art in private collections throughout the world, Niso’s
sculptures speak of understated motion and grace. The three
dimensional harmony of Niso’s sculptures have resulted in works
of astounding emotion which remain unique in the art world.


1974        Rothchilde School of Art, Haifa,
Multi-Media Art Studies
1978        Vitso Art Institute, Haifa, Israel        

1980        Pietra Santa, Italy
Stone Carving

1981        Bank Street Artist Residence and
    Studios, New York
Assistant in Studios

1982        Palm Beach Community College,         
Lake Worth, Florida
Multi-Media Art Studies
1983        West Palm Beach Art Center
Drawing and Ceramic Studies

1982 -        Operating Bronze Art Foundry and
1990        Sculpture Studio and Gallery
West Palm Beach, Florida

1990 -        Instructor, Stone Sculpting
1994        Boynton Beach, Florida

1994-               Operating Sculpture Studio/Gallery  PRESENT -
Palm Beach, Florida

1996        Mizner Park,  Boca Raton, Florida
1996        Masterpiece Galleries, Boca Raton
1996          Apropos, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
1995          Cornell Museum of Art, Delray, FL
1993        Cornell Museum of Art, Delray, FL
1988        Gary Katz Gallery, Jupiter, Florida
1988        Art Cetra, Delray Beach, Florida`
Selected Exhibitions/Gallery Representation
2007 (2000-)    SOFA CHICAGO
2007                 ART TORONTO
2007                 ART, D.C.
2007 )(2006)    SOFA, New York
2007 (2006-)     MX Gallery, Montreal
2007 (1996-)     Las Olas Fine Arts, Ft. Lauderdale
2007 (1997-)     Pop’n’Art,.Coral Gables, FL
2007 (1998-)     Deljou Fine Arts, Atlanta, GA
2007 (2003-)     Bryant Galleries, New Orleans
2007 (1996-)     ART MIAMI.  Miami , Florida
2007 (2000-)     Gallerie Vivendi, Paris, France
2006 (2000-)      Landmark Gallery, Australia
2007 (2000-)      Arta Gallery, Jerusalem
2006-(2000-)      O’Day Gallery, Seattle
2005                   PALM BEACH 3
2005                   ART CHICAGO
2003 (1999-)       Bal Harbour Gallery
2003 (1998-)       NEW YORK ART EXPO, New York
2003 (2000-)       2lst Century Gallery, Denver, CO
2003 (1999-)       Ara Gallery, Cedar Rapids, IO
2003 (2000-)       Sculptural Fantasies, N.H.
2003  (2000 -)     ART EXPO, Palm Springs
2003                    PALM BEACH ART FORM

2000                    ART EXPO, San Franciso, 2000
(1997-)                 Peleg Galleries, Detroit,
2000                     LAS VEGAS ART
2000                     ART EXPO FLORIDA, Miami
2000 (1997-)        Prestige Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 (1997-)        Masterpiece Galleries, Boca
2000 (1996-)        Gallery Art, Aventura, FL

1999; 1998           ART IN PUBLIC PLACES,
1998; 1997          PALM BEACH INT’L ART EXPO
1998;1997           ARMORY ART CENTER, Palm
1998 (1994-)       Sher Gallery, Aventura, Fl
1998 (1996-)       ArtCo, South Beach, Florida
1997                    SOFA, Miami Beach, Florida
1997                    Apropos Gallery, Ft.      
                 Lauderdale, FL
1997                    Ken Elias Gallery,   
                 Palm Beach,
1987                    Art Cetra, Delray Beach, Florida
1995-1997          ART AMERICAS, Miami,
1996                   Habitat Gallery, West Palm Beach,
1996                   Apropos, Telluride,
1996                   Underground Gallery, Palm Beach
1995                    Royal Palm Gallery, Palm Beach,
1995                   Goldman Gallery, Haifa, Israel
1994-1995          Neustader Gallery, Delray Beach
1994                   Royal Palm Gallery, Palm Beach,
1993-1994          Goldman Gallery, Haifa, Israel
1994 (1995-)       SeaArt, Tavenier Key, Florida
1991-(1989-)      Gary Katz Gallery, Jupiter, Florida
1984                    Manalapan Gallery, Manalapan,


Niso’s outdoor work has been placed in over 100
private residences, sculptural gardens, and yachts
in North and South America, the Middle East,
Europe and Australia.  The following is a partial
listing of public commissions:

2003        Veterans Memorial Park
     Delray Beach, Florida
     “The Fallen Soldier”        

2001        Hilton Hotel Lobby
     Staten Island - “The Embrace”

2000        House of Blues Rooftop
    New Orleans - “Celebration of Life”

2000        Sculptural Fantasies Park,
     New Hampshire -
      “Children on a Swing”

1999        “Fox Cable TV, New York,”
    One of Five Artists Selected from
     New York Art Expo to be interviewed
     for TV Program        

1999        Sheraton Hotel Lobby, Atlanta, Georgia
    Five six foot sculptures from
     “Geometrics Series”; Monumental
    “Spirals” for Pool area

1998         "NBC’s New York Today," One of Five
    Artists Selected from New York Art Expo
  to be Interviewed on "New York Today

1998     Commission, Children on a Swing
  Great Neck, N.Y.

1997; 1998            Curator Palm Beach        
                International Art Exposition

1996        "New Voices,  Interview on Neo-       
     Classical  Art

Niso’s sculptures are featured in Florida Design,
Architectural Digest, CASA and numerous others.  
He has been interviewed for the Miami Herald, Sun
Sentinel, and FOX News.